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My dream business

Started by mulderha Nov 06th, 2019 at 10:10
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Nov 06th, 2019 at 10:10
investor clicks is different than the usual PTC websites on the net.
I outline here what the differences are:
I) you are encouraged to invest with investor clicks if you are serious about reaching the maximum upgrade to Investor++.
II) It will be difficult to do that alone with your daily clicks or even with your referrals included.

1) The investment platform that Investor clicks created to be able to reach that goal, is the Safe box.
Invested money in the safe box accumulate an interest of 10% per month on that invested money.
This means that if you invest $50.00 into the safe box you will double that money within 10 months, which is a great return.
You must understand that Investor clix does not accumulate you interest. This means that you only receive interest on your invested amount and not interest over interest.

2) If you upgrade to Investor++ you will also receive $1200.00 back on your purchase balance, which is another 10%.
If you are a direct referral, belonging to another member, this member also receives $1200, -- back on his/her purchase balance.

3) If you are a Skrill user, you get 10% back on your Investor click deposit if it is not in Dollars.
4) Investor clix have a yearly discount on all upgrades, if you upgrade to investor++, you might receive again $1200.--

What does this all mean business wise:

If you invest for example $6000. —into your safe box via your Skrill account.
You will get 10% back into your purchase/account balance. Which is $R600. —
You will receive 10% interest per month on you $6000. -- which is $600. —per month into your safe box account.

You should purchase a Golden + upgrade from your $600, -- in your purchase/account balance which cost you $350. —and buy as much direct referrals as possible in a short period of time until you reach 125 direct referrals with the remaining of that money. You will earn about 2 dollars a day with clicking all the ads after that upgrade. Do not cash out any money, keep on building.
2 dollars daily earnings times 300 (10 months) days will be $600. – dollars. Which you can use trough the months to accumulate more direct referrals.

Your investment in your safe box has matured as well in that same 10 months and you will have $12000. —in your safe box account.

Added bonus, Investor clix renew your inactive referrals for free. Very important bonus.!!!

Wait until Investor clix has a discount on upgrades which could save you another $1200. —and buy the investor++ upgrade. You will earn now approximately $50. —per day depending on the number of direct referrals you have accumulated.

You are now in the position to increase your direct referrals to your desired level until you reach $20000. —per year. After that you will have a solid business to be able to return you initial investment without hurting your business.

Now that is a dream business.

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Nov 06th, 2019 at 18:21
Thank you very much for your great explain ..
We happy cause here
Investor ++
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Nov 10th, 2019 at 17:13
Thank you sir for all this information to enlighten the future