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How to build up your Investorclix business.?

Started by mulderha Apr 05th, 2019 at 08:47
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Apr 05th, 2019 at 08:47
I started with Investorclix last year October with the idear to invest money I earn on other websites.
It took me while to get used to Investorclix business model as this is a bit different than traditional PTC websites.
I started out on the same way as my other PTC websites. Click all the adverts and as soon as I made some money I started to rent referrals. The rented referrals are not expensive and soon I had 50 rented referrals. I invested about $50 dollar from my own money to help with upgrades.
To date I have rented a total of 160 referrals. I extended the active once regularly.

I upgraded my my monthly membership from Standard to Silver to Investor. I noted a few times that changes were made to the Account structure. The main one being rented referrals lowered from 200 rented referrals at Investor level to 150 rented referrals on Investor level.
I have rented a total of 160 referral over time the last 10 on the day that I upgraded to Investor.

I bought a total of 17 direct referrals and I received 15 direct referrals from Investorclix for free for good behavior I think.

Recycling rented referrals, I found to be not profitable as most of the recycled rented referrals do not click.
At Investorclix they recycle the inactive rented referrals and direct referral bought from Investorclix for free. They give you new rented referrals starting at 30 days rental period again. They do not delete the old inactive ones, this means you have to let them run out of their time until they disappear.
This consequently means that you sit with a lot more rented referrals than bargained for, this also means that you can be over the maximum permitted rented referral limit. In my case this about a 100 rented referrals over the limit.
The only way for me to get my original 160 rented referrals profitable is to submit a support ticket and keep on asking Admin to recycle my inactive rented referrals. This was working OK and I got used to this. I got about a 100 rented referrals active.
But than:
A major drop at my rented and direct referrals occurred a few days ago when Admin stopped all the cheaters in their tracks.
this major drop in all of my referrals means for me that from the 200 rented referrals only 30 are clicking and I have to start all over again. I have no problem in doing this but can admin tell me if they are OK with this as well? because this can mean I will stay over the max rented referral limit much longer and much higher.
I do not have the kind of money now to upgrade to Investor++ or Diamond+ or Ultimate+
But I am a serious clicker and If my plan works I will get there.
As long as Admin is OK with me I will be Ok with myself.
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